IRUNLIKEAGIRL's racing teams were started in effort to strengthen relationships with friends and to build connections between runners that might have not otherwise ever been. Think about all of the like-minded runners that you pass during training runs or see at races. What’s her story? What does he do? What is she listening to? Like it or not, the things that we really want for ourselves in this life are often achieved when we surround ourselves with a positive community of friends. When we get together and push each other forward we challenge the limits of our comfort zone. We rise up to our best.

Our racing teams are presently led by IRUNLIKEAGIRL ambassadors in San Francisco, Detroit, Denver, Honolulu, Paris France, Washington D.C, Victoria B.C. and we welcome runners of all paces. If you're interested in joining one of these teams or starting an IRUNLIKEAGIRL team in your city, please email kelly (at) irunlikeagirl (dot) com.


Introducing our Spring Race Ambassadors


San Francisco I Team Ambassador: Kelly

What's next for the SF runner girls? The Nashville Rock n' Roll Half Marathon in April. Come join us! Email for more information.

Fall 2013 race recap: IRUNLIKEAGIRL's SF team of 7 ran the Nike Women's Half Marathon on October 20th. From the shakeout run with my sisters and Kara Goucher (ohmagawd), pre-race expo, pasta party with all of the girls, the ENERGY in union square at 6am, hearing my mom cheering me on at mile 3, the loud SF crowds throughout the race are all reasons why I simply cannot wait to do this one again. 



Detroit I Team Ambassador: Nicole

Spring goal race for our team in Detroit: The Gazelle Girl Half Marathon
Fall 2013 race recap: It was the first year for the Detroit Women's Half Marathon and they really made it for women. The expo was small but had great "girl" stuff. We went down the night before and went to the expo and then went to dinner at Fishbones in the heart of Detroit. There was a Tigers game going on that night so the streets were packed. (They won in the 12th inning). It was about 40 degrees at the start of the race with some wind. It was chilly. The sun was out and the energy was great. We had 12 women running the half marathon and some running the 5k. I felt great the whole race. I had set a goal for myself and beat it by 11 minutes. This never happens to me, especially in long races. But that day my playlist on my ipod was perfect and my legs felt good. By mile 11 I took off and left my friends because I wanted to go a bit faster. It also helped that as I was running I was getting text updates about my son, Max's, soccer tournament in Traverse City. They were winning and I knew he was pumped. When I finished, I was so happy. I have a great finish line photo, I'm smiling! I might actually purchase this one. I met up with some of the girls after, we took pictures, ate and enjoyed the activities. It was a great race and we all look forward to running it again. I never "race" when I run. I'm just not that fast. I just run. My goal is usually to beat one of my previous times. If I don't, it doesn't really bother me. I'm never upset that I ran. I love running with my friends, chatting, getting outside, feeling good and just having fun. - Nicole

Fairfield, CT I Team Ambassador: Amber

Spring 2014 Goal Race: Fairfield Half Marathon on June 22nd

Meet our Ambassador, Amber: "I'm a graphic designer and enjoy running cause it keeps me sane and confident. When I dont run for over a week you dont want to be around me! I'm a creative that enjoys a healthy active lifestyle!"

Honolulu, HI I Team Ambassador: Bel

Fall 2014 Goal Race: Honolulu Marathon on Dec. 14th

Paris, France I Team Ambassador: Jennifer

Fall 2014 Goal Race: Nike Paris City Centre 10k
Meet one of our newest ambassadors, Jennifer: "I grew up in Canada with a pretty serious runner in my life - my dad. He ran daily, brought us to his races, encouraged us to take part in the kid's events and supported us all the way into high school where I ran a 5K annual event with my mother and grandmother several times. After high school, a depression took over me and I stopped doing sports. Then one morning in  during university, I found myself unhappy, overweight, upset and just done with life feeling like life was a struggle. I went out for a run. It was still dark and it was my hope that no one would see me. I may have been ashamed to be a bigger runner, but I never looked back. That first run was awful and the next month of running was no better, but I realised I WAS better. I felt happier, lighter and freer than I had in years.
When I moved to Paris in 2005, I stopped running as it really wasn't "done". Chic, fashionable and running did not fit well together. Everyone told me how North American I was asking if anyone ran, wanted to run to with me, etc. But, like before, I woke up one morning and needed it. So off I went.  I created the Women's Running Group Paris (a free, facebook-driven organisation to help connect other female runners in Paris). I have run through two pregnancies, completing events from 4K races up to marathons. My best distance is the half marathon, but I don't limit myself just to my best, I prefer to challenge myself.  In 2012, I was the Red Group leader for the Marathon de Paris training group (marathon first-timers). It was an honour to train so many first timers, both men and women, throughout their journey to completing their first marathon. I had 100% of my group start and successfully finish on race day and I will never forget how special that day was for all of us.
I love to run because it pits me against the worst of myself. Every time I run, I win, despite my performance. I run to be a positive influence on my  kids. I run because it makes me a better friend, wife, mother and trainer. I run because it isn't just something I do, it is part of who I am. I know that now and even when I've fallen off the wagon or been sidelined with injuries,  I look forward to my come back, so to speak." - Jennifer

Washington D.C. I Team Ambassador: Whitney

Spring goal race: D.C. Rock N' Roll Half Marathon in March of 2014.

Victoria B.C. I Team Ambassador: Joanne

Spring goal race for our team in Canada: Times Colonist 10 km race in Victoria, B.C.

Our Canadian team of 25 women strong meets every Sunday at 11:00 am at Beaver Lake, building towards running the whole way around the lake on a 10km trail. Having fun while training hard to prepare for the Times Colonist 10km race this April!